Collaborative Family Law Edmonton

At McCuaig Desrochers LLP, you can retain a trained Collaborative Family Lawyer to represent you in the collaborative law process. The collaborative law process is an out-of-courts process that separating parties may choose to use to resolve all issues relating to the separation or divorce, including custody, access, parenting time, support, property, and use of the matrimonial home.

In the collaborative law process, both parties retain a specially trained Collaborative Family Lawyer to represent them in the divorce or separation. Both parties and both lawyers sign a Participation Agreement, which prevents either party from going to court in relation to the separation without withdrawing from the collaborative process and starting over from scratch.

Instead of proceeding to court, all issues are resolved through a series of “four-way meetings,” which are meetings with both parties and both lawyers present. With a goal of transparency, honesty, and open communication, the collaborative law process empowers parties to make their own decisions about their lives and their family, rather than giving up that power to a stranger in a courtroom.

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