Articling Students for articles commencing in 2025/2026

The Articling Experience at McCuaig Desrochers LLP

Firm’s View on Articling Students

McCuaig Desrochers LLP considers the recruitment and training of articling students to be one of our highest priorities. Our goal is to hire students who will become associates and, hopefully, partners. All but one of the lawyers currently working at McCuaig Desrochers LLP completed their articles with our firm.

Type of Work

McCuaig Desrochers LLP is a mid-sized, full service law firm. As such, our practice areas include administrative law, civil litigation, construction law, corporate/commercial law, employment law, family law, immigration & citizenship, insurance law, intellectual property, landlord & tenant, agribusiness, municipal law, personal injury, real estate, and wills & estates including estate litigation.

Type of Articling

We expect our articling students to continue their formal education within the context of the law firm environment, and to become exposed to the widest possible range of legal subject matters, various alternatives for dispute resolution, appropriate business practices, and ethical standards. Students will receive assignments from all members of the firm, coordinated and closely guided by their principal. We pride ourselves on an “open-door” policy, and students will have the opportunity to develop their own skills and interests by drawing on the diverse expertise of all practitioners.

Because we look upon the articling process as one of making an investment in the firm’s future as well as the student’s, we place the focus on education and obtaining experience. The student will have considerable client contact and courtroom experience, as well as preparing research memoranda and other hands-on tasks.

PREP Course

We are also committed to providing the student with adequate time to fulfill the requirements of the Law Society, including the PREP course. As a McCuaig Desrochers’ associate explains:

“As the time required to complete the CPLED [now PREP] assignments varies each week, McCuaig Desrochers’ approach is perfectly suited. The flexibility and support received by all lawyers in the firm ensures that you manage both your work and course commitments.”

We will also support students who would like to access the Accelerated PREP course (if it remains available) prior to commencing their articles with the firm, or during the articling period.

Continuing Education

We recognize that a professional education never ends. We have a formal mentorship program which matches all associates, following their admission to the bar, with partners of their choosing. Associates are encouraged to continue their legal education while engaging in general practice and perhaps developing one or more areas of concentration during the first five years of practice. We have universal membership in the Canadian Bar Association and encourage participation in sub-sections and pertinent seminars.

Candidate Qualifications

McCuaig Desrochers LLP is a firm deeply rooted in the Edmonton community. We are looking for students who either already have, or are willing to develop, strong ties to our community.

We are looking for potential future partners, colleagues who are intelligent, hard-working, and dedicated. Maturity is as valuable as youthful exuberance. Experiences outside of the law or formal education are also important to us.

A strong academic record is equally significant. Each year we find that those candidates chosen for interview usually have an above-average academic standing.

Ability in another language or another discipline is an asset, but not a requirement. We have several practitioners with an extensive Franco-Canadian practice, and one lawyer who provides services in German.

Court Students Welcome

Many of our partners and associates articled with the Alberta Courts or the Supreme Court of Canada. We encourage applications from those who have elected this option, and will tailor our articling program accordingly.

The Application Process

We subscribe to the Law Society’s regimen for the recruitment process. We carefully screen each application we receive. We regret that we cannot grant personal interviews to all of our applicants, but in order to ensure some consistency in the application process, we request that ALL applications for an articling position contain the following minimal information:

  • Copies of University transcripts, including undergraduate and Law School grades available at time of application (updated to the end of the most recent semester);
  • A resume showing academic career, employment experience, other activity such as travel, unpaid work or community service;
  • A listing of significant achievements, awards, and special skills such as languages or professional designations;
  • A description of any roots or connection to any community, and in particular the Edmonton community, noting any particular connection to business, cultural or social organizations;
  • Reference letters are preferred and contacts are often helpful. Please provide contact information for your references, and a note of their relationship to you if not providing a letter; and
  • One or more telephone numbers and an e-mail address where we may contact you.

Candidates submitting their applications electronically are asked to submit their application as a single PDF document, and not to email an assortment of separate attachments.

Please ensure you have provided your complete application by the deadline date noted below. We cannot guarantee we will review any applications that are received after this date.

Please note that McCuaig Desrochers LLP does not hire summer students. We would encourage interested law students to apply to our articling program as outlined above. For applicants in 2024 looking to apply for 2025 articling commencement, our deadline for accepting articling applications will be May 21, 2024. 

Application deadline for 2024 Articling Program: Interview Dates: Contact:
May 21, 2024 June 3 – 7, 2024 Megan L. Dawson