Adult Guardianship/Trusteeship Law Edmonton


Caring For A Represented Adult

If you are looking after an adult who is dependent upon you for help and representation (Represented Adult), and you need to be able to make decisions about financial or personal matters on their behalf, we can help. Whether you are caring for an elderly parent who is losing mental capacity, a friend or family member who has been injured in an accident, or an adult child who has grown up with a developmental disability, you may need a Court Order or other documents in place before you can legally make decisions on their behalf and help them with their day to day and larger affairs.
At McCuaig Desrochers LLP, our lawyers can help you navigate the Court process, prepare the appropriate application for your circumstances, and provide general guidance on what is often an emotional and difficult family issue.
We can provide legal services in the following areas:

  • An initial Guardianship or Trusteeship application
  • Renewal of a Guardianship or Trusteeship Order
  • Examination and approval of accounts under a Trusteeship Order
  • Contesting another party’s application for Guardianship or Trusteeship
  • Application for supported decision-making or co-decision-making
  • General information and advice throughout the guardianship or trusteeship period

Please contact our office to see how we can assist you with any of your adult guardianship and trusteeship related needs.

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