Franchising Law Edmonton


If you are thinking about buying a franchise, running a franchise, franchising your business, or selling a franchise, McCuaig Desrochers LLP can help, as we have a team of lawyers experienced in the broad range of issues you will need to deal with.Franchises encounter many of the normal legal issues faced by businesses; however, they are unique in Alberta, being subject to their own additional rules and regulations. Also, when it comes to setting up a franchise, intellectual property issues can be vitally important. All of these considerations can seem daunting. To protect yourself, if you are considering getting involved with a franchise, or are already involved, you need sound legal advice.

If you are starting or running a franchise, or wish to sell one as a franchisor, we can help you with drafting and revising franchise agreements and disclosure documents, advising on legal issues and disputes that may arise with your franchisees, assisting with all corporate and commercial needs of your business, and buying or selling your franchise.

If you have purchased a franchise, or want to pursue a franchise opportunity as a franchisee, we can help you with due diligence work to provide you with the information necessary to decide if it is a good opportunity, advising you regarding the franchise agreements and disclosure documents provided by the franchise owner, advising you about leasing, corporate commercial matters, or any legal issues regarding setting up and running your new business, assisting to resolve any disputes with the person who owns the franchise or others, and helping to buy or sell your franchise.

If you are considering franchising your business, we can help with necessary advice on the pros and cons of doing so in your circumstances, structuring the franchise to best suit your goals, preparing disclosure documents and other legal agreements and documents, and assisting you with any legal issues that arise during this process and afterward.

We have the experience to help you navigate your franchising opportunity.

Please contact one of our lawyers in this area for more information as to how we can help your franchising needs.