Residential Landlord and Tenant Law Edmonton

Are you having difficulty with your landlord, or are you a landlord having difficulty with a tenant? Are you not certain what your rights are with respect to where you live, or with respect to dealing with a problem tenant? Are you attempting to evict a tenant, or are you a tenant facing a notice of eviction?McCuaig Desrochers LLP has a team of lawyers who are experienced with the practice and procedures set out in the Alberta Residential Tenancies Act, which governs the dealings of landlords and tenants. We can handle all legal matters for homeowners, tenants, property managers, and businesses managing multi-unit rental complexes. We can help in each step of the process from starting a tenancy relationship, to terminating a tenancy for breach, as well as representing you in various levels of Court, the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service, and at mediations or other alternative dispute resolution procedures.

We conduct a variety of work for our clients, including drafting residential tenancy agreements (leases) and related forms, advising landlords on how to minimize and reduce conflict areas and issues with tenants, advising landlords or tenants on their rights relating to their residential tenancy, drafting legal notices to tenants, terminating tenancies for breach, obtaining and enforcing remedies including damage awards, and others.

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