Debtor and Creditor Law Edmonton


Debtor and Creditor Law, including Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

At McCuaig Desrochers LLP, our experienced lawyers can represent both creditors [corporations, institutions, lenders] and debtors [individuals, businesses, or corporations] in respect of the enforcement of debts, including mortgages and other securities, and with navigating the stressful and difficult experience of bankruptcy or foreclosure. The collection of debts is sometimes difficult, requiring navigation of the various complex legislation and rules that govern how and when debts can be enforced.

While we often assist creditors in collecting obligations, we can also help debtors take full advantage of their legal rights set out in the various rules and relief that are designed to insulate them from the damaging effect of crushing debt, helping them to consolidate debt and move forward with life. In cases involving foreclosure, we defend mortgagors (homeowners) when they are sued, and ensure that they get the full benefit of the protections afforded them by law, and where possible helping them to save their property or preserve as much of the equity in their property as possible.

We always make serious efforts to assist the parties to negotiate a fair resolution of their debt problems outside of Court, and where negotiation is not successful, we use our depth of knowledge to ensure the best arguments are asserted in court.

Please contact our office to see how we can assist you with any of your collection and bankruptcy related needs.