Civil Litigation Law Edmonton


McCuaig Desrochers LLP has a diverse team of experienced lawyers that can help you through the stressful and complex experience of being sued by another person or business, or having to sue another person or business, for any reason.The need to advance a legal claim can arise at any time and in many different circumstances, including personal and business claims. Some claims can be resolved without commencing a lawsuit. Other claims require that a lawsuit be started in the appropriate level of court. Our lawyers can provide all of the legal advice and representation you need. You will be guided through the legal process by lawyers who combine common sense, academic excellence and court experience giving you the ability to win your case. Conversely, if you or your company have been sued, our lawyers have the experience and skills to achieve the best outcome in defending a claim. We work with our clients in the following areas:
  • Personal injury: Motor vehicle accident, occupiers liability, slip and fall and other claims
  • Commercial: Claims between companies, including claims for non-payment for goods and services and for non-delivery of goods and services and other contractual breaches
  • Corporate: Disputes and claims between owners, shareholders or other stakeholders within a company (our experience in this area includes oilfield companies as well as dental and medical practices).
  • Claims resulting from non-competition and non-solicitation clauses or proprietary trade secrets
  • Lease and tenancy disputes
  • Employment: Wrongful termination and constructive dismissal
  • Insurance: Claims against insurance companies for non-payment of fire or other types of losses
  • Tort: Claims related to losses due to negligence or fault
  • Other specific areas of civil litigation such as real estate, construction and shareholder disputes.
Our approach on all disputes is to achieve results for our clients through our expertise in negotiation and mediation, and where necessary through arbitration and litigation. Regardless of the approach, we will provide you with options to represent your position and advance your interests in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. Please contact our office to receive the advice and assistance you will need to forcefully represent your interests while working to make what can be a challenging time less stressful for you or your company.